Finding Secure Storage in Manila

secure storage philippines

There are plenty of reasons you may be considering secure storage options in Manilla. Perhaps, you’re moving your household or office, downsizing and decluttering at home or relocating to another country without any set accommodation. With plans in the air about how much space you’ll have in your new home, there’s no pointing transporting all your belongings overseas only to find out most of it won’t fit. This is when you’ll need to look for secure storage facilities in Manila.

If you have family members nearby, who have extra space to accommodate your possessions, this is obviously a cheaper storage option. However, depending on how long you require your items to be stored, this could prove problematic later on – especially if you’re overseas and you expect your relatives to sort through your stuff to figure out what to send you. 

Looking for secure storage in Manila can be tricky. There are plenty of companies willing to take your belongings but how safe are they?

It’s relatively easy to check whether a company is reputable or not. Do they have an established website? Are there any nasty stories on social media about unprofessional behaviour?

You’ll need to consider the amount of furniture and the size of the space required to store it. Additionally, if you have items that need to be kept clean, dry, and away from humidity to prevent damage - such as archived documents, books, paintings or antiques – you’ll require climate-controlled facilities. Also, how long do you think you’ll want to keep your items in storage?

Consider the following when looking for secure storage in Manila.

  1. Decide on the unit type. There are various styles of storage units you can rent. There are locker units (which accommodate roughly 5 large boxes), indoor storage, and large warehouse facilities (which fit bigger household items). The prices depend on the unit size.

  2. Is it well-ventilated? Find a storage facility that isn’t damp or stagnant, so your belongings won’t develop mold and mildew. Also, temperature-controlled rooms will help prevent deterioration. Often, an indoor storage facility is a good choice as this is added protection from the weather. You can find climate-controlled outdoor facilities as well, but make sure the units are well sealed against water or moisture.

  3. Are the premises security monitored 24/7? Look for a storage facility that has working CCTV cameras and is guarded at all times.

  4. Check whether the facility offers insurance to cover loss or damage of your belongings. 

  5. Does the Manilla storage company have a good reputation? Before deciding to hire a storage unit, check online to see whether or not the company has a good star rating or disgruntled customers; especially check how they have responded to any complaints. 

If you’re stuck looking for a reputable and secure storage facility in Manilla, Allied Philippines is more than just a moving company. We offer well-maintained storage facilities to accommodate whatever you need to warehouse. We can also arrange moving staff to help you pack and transport your heavy items. 

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