How to Choose the Best Movers in Manila


Labelled one of the most densely populated cities in the world, the Philippines capital of Manila is bursting with loads of energy that can leave even the most experienced expat a little dazzled. Therefore, the heavy traffic and clamorous nightlife could trigger you to want to move somewhere safer, quieter, and cozier.

If you’re living in Manila, you’ll find plenty of more family-friendly condominiums and houses in many of the nearby cities and provinces. If you are looking at changing locations, you’ll need to find good movers in Manila.

Choosing the best movers in Manila can be quite challenging. There are hundreds of removalists to choose from, so the best way to narrow down your choice is to consider some important criteria to look out for in potential moving companies.

  • Free Moving Estimate. Look for a moving company that provides a free and accurate estimate of how much it will cost you to transport and unload all your belongings. Honestly, there are a lot of moving companies that provide this kind of service, but reliable movers go the next step of carrying out a walk-through of your home in order to give you a the most accurate quote.


  • Does this moving company designate a personal moving coordinator for you? If you’re going to give your mover the trust it takes to care for all your valuables, you’ll want to know they’re in safe hands. This is why Allied has allocated a consultant for you to engage with. Your move coordinator will be your contact person should you have any queries at any step of the moving the process.


  • Does the moving company require you to hand over a large deposit? Avoid moving companies that ask for a big chunk of change before they’ve even touched your furniture because it may be a scam. Choose a reliable mover in Manila like Allied, which offers competitive service rates and a reliable reputation.


  • Moving insurance. Moving companies should assume liability over the goods they handle if they’re packed by their operators. A reputable moving company should offer you insurance policies to protect your possessions from loss or damage.


  • Customer feedbacks and ratings. There is nothing like word-of-mouth reviews to see into the minds of people who’ve actually used the Filipino movers you’re thinking of hiring. You’ll be able to see both satisfied customers and also check the response by the provider to any negative feedback, to see if they’re onboard to improve their own service.


Reliable movers in Manila will deliver quality services from start to finish, from pre-move pack downs to the reassembly of furniture at your new address. The best movers will employ professionally trained staff to ensure your belongings are well looked after during the moving process.

Allied has been helping families and businesses from all over the world relocate their precious belongings, households and offices. So, let our award-winning teams do all the hard work, so you can focus on the more important tasks of settling yourself and your family into your new home.

Contact our friendly knowledgeable team for your moving estimate.