What Services Do Office Movers Provide in The Philippines?

Imagine you’ve started work at a new job when your employer gives you the news you have to pack up your things and move. No, you haven’t been fired (phew!), but you literally have to box up your workspace in preparation for an office relocation.

There’s a better way to hear this news and that involves your boss hiring professional office movers in the Philippines, who can pack up the bulkier items, such as photocopiers and printers, tables, desks and chairs – as well as the office fridge – while you only have to look after a few personal items within your desk.

Moving offices requires a lot of planning and manpower and it’s not part of your job description to lift heavy furniture and risk injury or damage to the items. Hiring professional Filipino officer movers also helps reduce the amount of downtime involved in a business relocation, which can be costly if operations are out of work for too long.

Now you’re leaving the heavy lifting to the experts, you may be wondering what else do office movers in the Philippines do?

Office Movers to the Rescue

Your boss will know that a quick Google search can yield hundreds of helpful ratings regarding the level of service an office mover provides. They’ll also know to only choose a company with plenty of experience. Sometimes this may cost a little more, but it’s worth it when you add up the expense of extended downtime, loss or damage of goods or confidential data. 

Improved services offered by office movers in the Philippines employers to consider.

Moving Consultancy

Expert service means expert advice. Imagine having your very own personal moving consultant, who’s abreast of all the logistics involved in tracking, tracing and delivering your belongings. 

Professional office movers in the Philippines will provide specialist moving consultants to help you achieve an efficient office relocation. They will assist you during the planning phase, help you create a realistic timeline, and notify you of any risks along with the solutions during the move.

Of course, you will still need to organise internal planning, as well, but if you’re unsure where to start, ask the team at Allied Philippines movers.

Storage Solutions

Small organisations can move in approximately a day but if you’re a medium-sized business, with years of data files, paper files, office equipment, appliances and furniture, you’ll need a plan around storage in case you have to stagger your move. Expert office movers provide all styles of storage facilities, which are well-maintained, weather-proof, temperature-controlled and secure.

Furniture dismantling and reassembly

Rather than puzzling over how the printer goes back together, expert office movers will handle everything for you. It pays to know the new office layout, so you can map out a plan of where you want certain items to be positioned, so when moving day comes you already have a rough idea of where to ask the movers to place things.


Every organisation operates using valuable equipment and goods, which need to be well taken care of. Computers, printers, hard files, office furniture, etc. all need to be handled professionally and sensitively. Dealing with client data requires insurance protection, simply because even if nothing goes wrong – which is unlikely when you hire the most professional office movers in the Philippines such as Allied – you need to be covered otherwise your clients could challenge your business based on this knowledge.

Now your boss knows just how to move smoothly, you’re off the hook. All you need to do is gather a box to put your favourite plant and pencils in and you’re good to go.

Seeking the help of professional office movers like Allied will ensure an efficient move with minimum downtime. Contact us for a free office moving quote.